ASO – App Store Optimization


Apple/Android App Store Optimization

The goal of ASO is to expose the app to the widest audience in the shortest amount of time.  Primarily ASO is research first, we look at the market place, who is talking about related services, how they are talking about it, what they are saying and where. Then we craft an exposure plan, to expose the app to the exact right audiences at the right time on the right medium.  In this case we will be working in London mainly as a start, to get the app in front of the exact audience that will download and use the app.  Then we will foster the current active users to talk about the app and get others to download it as well.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • App Page optimization, tailoring the description and introduction to garner downloads.
  • Landing page SEO optimization/Visitor Optimization to get the app page to rank in all major search engines, load quickly and easy convert to app downloads.
  • Create and Foster social downloads and mentions through various methods.
  • Use interest based, Paid Social Advertisement, to further expose the app the right audience, quickly.


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